Saturday, 19 January 2013

Two Articles

Many posts to be made today. Found two articles last night, One of which I cant find the origin or content. The image is from  and supposedly comes from site . The website shows a dead link, and I cant find what paper it is from. The word 'sat' past tense suggests that the article is post 1988, but that is about all the information I can deduce from it. Been looking through the archives found many interesting articles, but not what im looking for just yet, plenty more places to search. Im trying to document the history of the Summerwind mansion rather than focus on the Paranormal Investigations, but any account is Interesting. 

Another article frothe Boulder Bulletin 2010 'a newspaper near Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin', 

The article is very difficult to read from photograph so here is the content 

"Once a stunning mansion, a building with vast windows overlooking a beautiful lake, Summerwind mansion is nothing now but land of ruins, nevertheless, it was never truly perfect. According to the families that owned and lived there, the mansion was haunted.
They would witness unexplainable events and abandon the place with no explanation. One family in particular had much to tell. 
They supposedly saw many ghosts and observed the mansion replaying the past, or was it the future? Still, some feel the stories that families have told are part of publicity hoax. In 1988 the remains of Summerwind was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground. All that’s left of this once grand home in northern Wisconsin on west bay lake are the stone archways and chimneys. Even though Summerwind is now destroyed, the spirits live on. Medias of all kinds included Books, newspaper articles and even a show that aired on the discovery channel have focused on Summerwind. Recently Tony and Devon bell, independent filmmakers from Eau Claire, WI, featured Summerwind as their season finale to their web video series ‘the haunting experiments’. 
The YouTube video came out on October 13 2010 and is about 13 minute long. They also have a Facebook page, the secrets of Summerwind. Because of the web series, the bells have been featured in local magazines as well as guest speakers at a paranormal group. For more information about this series visit the websites or " 

Only the first link currently works, And the video 'the secrets of summerwind' has been removed from youtube, it can however be purchased at , it is 13 minutes long.  The image from the above article is from

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