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Summerwind Mansion General History

This Blog contains a detailed history about the Summerwind mansion (otherwise known as Lamont mansion) I shall include sources at the bottom of each article. If anyone has any anything they would like to contribute or correct feel free to comment, My aim is to collect the information which is scattered about into one useful source. I am updating this as I find new information (quite a lot of things to post).

"Summerwind Photos and More 1981-88
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General history from Wikipedia 

"Summerwind, formerly known as Lamont Mansion, is a ruined mansion on the shores of West Bay Lake inVilas County, Wisconsin. It is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in the state. As a result of abandonment, the elements, and fire, little of the mansion currently remains standing. For a while it was popular with paranormal tourists. Summerwind's ruins are located on private land and are closed to the public. The mansion was featured on an episode of A Haunting. The show is aired on The Discovery Channel.
"Summerwind was constructed on the edge of West Bay Lake in Vilas County, North East Wisconsin, off of the western intersection between Highway B and Helen Creek Road. The coordinates of the mansion's location are N46 11.916 W089 25.298."


"Summerwind was constructed during the early 20th century as a fishing lodge. In 1916 it was purchased by Robert Patterson Lamont, who employed Chicago architects Tallmadge and Watson to substantially remodel the property and convert it into a mansion.The renovations took two years to complete, and led to the near total reconstruction of significant portions of the property.  
Lamont remained in Summerwind for approximately 15 years, during which time the maids told Lamont that the mansion was haunted, but he did not believe them as the building was too new. However, he is then reported to have abandoned the property suddenly in the mid 1930s after witnessing an apparition in the mansion's kitchen. Local legend holds that he and his wife were eating dessert in the kitchen, when the door to the basement started to shake open, revealing the ghostly form of a man. Robert Lamont was reported to have taken one look at the ghost, and pulled out a pistol. The ghost swung the door shut and Lamont squeezed off two shots in its direction, before fleeing the residence with his wife."

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