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Robert Patterson Lamont

Born: 1-Dec-1867
Died: 20-Feb-1948
Birthplace: Detroit, MI
Location of death: Chicago, IL
Cause of death: unspecified
Gender: Male
Nationality: United States
Executive summary: US Commerce Secretary, 1929-32
Military service: US Army (WWI)

Father: Robert Lamont
Mother: Isabella Patterson
Father's Birth Place: Scotland
Mother's Birth Place: Canada English 

photo of Lamont, Robert P. Honorable. It was made between 1905 and 1945 by Harris & Ewing. 

Wife: Helen Gertrude Trotter (m. 24-Oct-1894, one son, two daughters)

Son: Robert Patterson Lamont Jr (estimate. born 1898) 
Daughter: Gertrude Lamont (estimate. born 1904)
Daughter: Dorothy Lamont (estimate. born 1910)

University: BS Civil Engineering, University of Michigan (1891)

  •   US Secretary of Commerce (1929-32)
  •   Simplex Railway Appliance Foundries Corporation to President (1905-)
  •   Thailer & Schinglau Secretary & Engineer (architecture firm, 1892-97)
  •   World Columbian Exhibition (Chicago) Engineer (1891)
  •   American Iron and Steel Institute President 

"In 1916 Lamont constructed a retreat home in northern Wisconsin called Summerwind. Summerwind is known as one of the most haunted places in America, with Lamont himself firing a pistol at an apparition. The mansion was built in 1916 by Robert P. Lamont as a summer home for he and his family. Nestled on the shores of the lake, the house caught the cool breezes of northern Wisconsin and provided a comfortable place for Lamont to escape the pressures of everyday life in Washington D.C., as he would later go on to serve as the Secretary of Commerce under President Herbert Hoover.But life was not always sublime at Summerwind during the years of the Lamont family. For those who claim that the ghost stories of the house were "created" in later years, they forget the original tale of Robert Lamont’s encounter with a spirit. Legends of the house say that Lamont actually fired a pistol at a ghost that he believed was an intruder. The bullet holes in the basement door from the kitchen remained for many years. " - 

"Lamont remained in Summerwind for approximately 15 years, during which time the maids told Lamont that the mansion was haunted, but he did not believe them as the building was too new. However, he is then reported to have abandoned the property suddenly in the mid 1930s after witnessing an apparition in the mansion's kitchen. Local legend holds that he and his wife were eating dessert in the kitchen, when the door to the basement started to shake open, revealing the ghostly form of a man. Robert Lamont was reported to have taken one look at the ghost, and pulled out a pistol. The ghost swung the door shut and Lamont squeezed off two shots in its direction, before fleeing the residence with his wife." - Wiki
Curious find, an article from April 7th 1951, about Gertrude Lamont


  1. Very interested in regard to your research regarding the former mansion as opposed to the common recounting/overview of the same urban legend talking points found across cyber-space. It's revealing that after some sober investigative digging, there is no solid documentation to be found for the infamous Lamont "kitchen encounter"...Which of course seems to be used as the foundation to prop up all subsequent claims of phenomenon. My own suspicion is that a lot of the post Lamont claims were simply embellished in order to promote Ray Bober's literary adventure. His entrepreneur approach to Summerwind (attempted concession stand) seem to re-enforce that. Like the Amityville case, it seems to be a premeditated attempt to capitalize off of the notoriety of a failed property investment (only of course, Summerwind actually pre-dated the Amitville case) Regardless, embellished tales or not, it does not make the history of the property any less interesting. I look forward to further entries...

    -- Todd

    1. Thankyou for the comment, its very interesting.

      I have had a great deal of trouble finding new information which wasn't the same re-telling, copy&paste job, of the story which brought attention to the property. Which is what got me searching. Theres a lot of information out there online, and it seems no one else has gathered it all to one space.
      Im keen to focus on the earlier events, sadly theres not as much information on them I have yet to find any earlier sources about the 'kitching shooting' either. Im curious if of Robert P. Lamont's children or descendants knew anything about it, I would have thought .....has this 'kitchen shooting' never happened, then they would want people to know, but as far as I can find, nothing has been said. It may be they dont want to be involved, or simply dont know anything.
      I shall continue searching though, I have recently found a site with the photo from '1916', included in my latest post. Im interested to learn more about the architectural firm behind the design of the property.

      Again thankyou for the comment, definitely some food for thought there!

  2. One of the most spooky and interesting Hauntings I've watched on TV. The Summerwind Mansion has a fascinating history.

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  4. One of the most interesting Hauntings I've watched on TV. The Summerwind Mansion has a fascinating
    dark spiritual history. Well worth watching.

  5. One of the most interesting Hauntings I've watched on TV. The Summerwind Mansion has a fascinating
    dark spiritual history. Well worth watching.