Monday, 14 January 2013

Article from 1985 Summerwind Mansion

Bellow is an Article from The Milwaukee Journal - Oct 21, 1985.  8 Months after  "Town Chairman Ronald Ramesh said the town expected to petition Vilas County Circuit Court for permission to burn the building"(see Here)and 3 years before the house was burnt down by lightning. 

At the end of the article it notes 'reprinted with permission of Beth Scott and Michael Norman from their book "haunted heartland". I've noticed many significant inconsistencies in this article (compared to other accounts) So in my next post I shall highlight inconsistencies i've come across so far. I dont own a copy of this book, however it would be interesting to see if the author had included the sources to which they gathered this information.
The book can be purchased at: 
see the link to the article bellow. 

The Milwaukee Journal - Oct 21, 1985


  1. they should build a new mansion unless its prohibited

    1. It's already in the works. I bought the blue prints.

  2. I would like to touch base on that about building a new mansion. I am the one that purchased the blue prints from Ray Von Bober, and I remain very close to the Hinshaw family. After purchasing the blue prints to Summerwind, I look for a link to the current owners and came across Craig Nehring of the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters. We created the Summerwind Restoration Society in July of 2014. We had several benefits on the ruins the last year. October 6, 2014, October 30, 2014, June 6, 2015, July 25, 2015, August 22, 2015, The 501 (c) (3) is now in place, and the society has been featured on Coast to Coast Am, Dr J Radio Live, Late Night in the Midlands and much more. I am close to Art Bell's associate producer and will look for investors upon my return to the society next year. If the rest of the Restoration Society approves it =).

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